February 16, 20214 Minutes
Insurance Career

Our team is sharing what drives them during Insurance Careers Month!

Our President & COO, Troy Stewart, asked our team to share what motivates them to give their #BrushCountryBest each and every day. The answers were absolutely inspiring!

Troy Stewart

President and Chief Operating Officer

“Each and every one of our team members drive the decisions I make and the directions we move in as an organization. Every investment we have made has been for the betterment of our company, to make each role better, more fulfilling, more effective and efficient. My job is to make sure our team has the tools they need to thrive. My job is to lead by example and to give our teams the autonomy to make decisions knowing they will drive our vision closer and closer to fruition.”


Kevin Myers

Chief Executive Officer

“Security motivates me the most. For my family, your family, and our family. Every move we make and capital allocation decision we consider is weighed against the priority of keeping Brush safe and growing into the future. Thank you to our phenomenal team for all you do and all that you bring to the table each and every day!”

Josh Cruce

Chief Strategy Officer

“Legacy drives me. It is about making an impression, a change and an impact that drives me every day. Life is short, but legacy lives forever. Everyday we can do something small that could be lifechanging to someone or something.”


Maribel Serrano

Executive Vice President of Finance

”What drives me is helping others to be better every day, understanding and achieving company goals. We are part of this team, and together we will continue moving forward into the future. I am blessed to be part of this FAMILY!”

Charlie Day

Catastrophe & HyDAP Director

What drives me the most is being a family man. I’ve been some what of a gypsy living out on the road for over 10 years. Loved it, don’t get me wrong. I just want the chance to grow some roots and live the family life. All of my goals are set around making that happen right now. Feeling blessed that BCC has helped make that happen!”


Jen Dalton

IT Manaager

“Honestly, I am driven by pride. Pride that I do my job, and do it extremely well. I work really hard out of this weird need to know that I have nothing left on the table. I love being a part of this family, and I am driven by a fierce loyalty to seeing Brush’s long term success and finding my place in that.”

Rachel Cruce

Digital Marketing Manager

“Freedom is a powerful motivator for me, personally and professionally. I find it invigorating to know that I have the freedom to express myself creatively and the space to share my thoughts and ideas. I am so grateful to Brush for cultivating an environment where everyone has an opportunity to grow and flourish!”

About Brush Country Claims

Brush Country Claims is an independent adjusting firm that offers a full claims solution for residential, commercial, daily, and catastrophe claim management. Brush Country utilizes an innovative suite of proprietary technology to maximize customer experience while consistently having some of the fastest cycle times in the industry. A human led, tech forward approach embraces the grassroots beginnings of the company as well as their incredible drive to propel into the future.